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Bar Code Systems Limited was founded in 1982 by Brian Marcel, a pioneer of bar code technology applications back when bar code technology was emerging as a new and revolutionary way of making retail commerce faster and more accurate. BCS became an early leader in the deployment of bar code systems to retailers and their suppliers and was instrumental in extending the use of automatic identification systems into many other vertical industries such as blood-banking, pharmaceuticals, transportation and logistics, automotive and manufacturing.

Over the years BCS has built upon, but retained, its core principles of making bar code technology easy for newcomers to understand; of educating customers in the best practices of applying bar coding to their business and ensuring that the quality of bar codes is paramount to ensure that the investment in the technology is maximised.

In 1990, Brian founded the International Bar Code Systems Group, to extend the spread of bar code technology and the core approach of BCS UK to the emerging markets in Eastern and Central Europe.  

IBCS Group is now the premier Applications Solutions Integrator in the Enterprise Mobility market in Middle Europe. Throughout Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia the IBCS Group is providing end-to-end solutions to increase performance, efficiency and productivity within the enterprise, reduce costs and realize competitive advantages for its customers.



To be the supplier of choice to the retail supply chain by providing customer service in excess of what is expected. We make the buying decision easier through taking the fear out of bar coding and educating our customers to be consciously competent.



Make sure supply chains runs smoothly. We create and verify barcodes that drive our customers' businesses.



To make sure items in the supply chain achieve a first time scan every time. We achieve this through supplying the highest quality barcode origination tools and equipment and the industry standard quality control devices.



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