Bar Code Quality Verification

Huge investments in using automatic identification systems can be thwarted when products don't scan first time, every time, causing operational problems, frustrated workers and customers and increases in costs for the retailer who invested to be able to bring its products to the consumer as cheaply and as efficiently as possible. 

Hence, Bar Code Systems Limited made Bar Code Verification a core competence of its operations right from our founding in 1982. 

We pride ourselves upon not only the quality of the verification equipment that we supply, but upon or record in helping the leading retailers and their suppliers achieve consistently dependable high quality bar code production that helps the supply chains run smoothly, delivering benefits for all involved. 

We promise to make the complex technology involved in Bar Code Verification easy to understand.

Our pledge at BCS is that we'll not only supply you with bar code verification equipment that is robust, easy to use and will be an excellent investment for your Quality Control operation, but that we'll provide you with the very best support in helping ensure that any future bar code failures are understood and that you know what corrective action you need to make to improve your quality, whether you are printing bar codes on a simple label printer or as part of a major printing and packaging production process. 

To find out more about Bar Code Verification - take a look at our Verification Basics page or for more information about what the various measurements that comprise verification of a bar code, look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.   To view our range of Verifiers Click Here

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