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Bar Code Systems has been providing the Quality Assurance operations of the UK's retailers, manufacturers and printers for three decades and have unparalleled experience of the REA range of verifiers - in a market with few options, the REA range is consistently the most reliable, easy to use, accurate and dependable and is the reason that BCS continues to offer them exclusively - why add to the range when these provide the best performance, quality and value for money? 

The ScanCheck 3 is the device to choose for general bar code quality control if you are a manufacturer or packaging printer who wants maximum versatility with an unbeatable pedigree. The PC-Scan is a well-proven verifier aimed mainly at printers especially if verifying film masters in addition to finished packaging. And for those who need to verify the quality of DataMatrix and 2-Dimensional bar codes, the MLV-2D sets the standard for others to aspire to, for ease of use, versatility and performance. 

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Important Note:  REA barcode verifiers

Bar Code Systems is the longest established Authorised Distribution Partner for REA in the UK - beware of 'web shops' that offer these devices sourced unofficially. Bar Code Verification is a complex, specialist matter and in the event of any problems you may need the expert advice that only a properly trained and experienced supplier can provide you to analyse the results and suggest remedies. At BCS we offer comprehensive training and lifetime support for REA verifiers as a core competence. We also offer service and repair in the UK. 

Verifier Range

Use the buttons to see more information on our range of Bar Code Verifiers. The ScanCheck 3 for portability and stand alone operation or the table-top PC-Scan, both for linear and stacked bar codes and the MLV-2D for 2-Dimensional matrix codes

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