Training, Consultancy and Project Management

We offer a range of services, each individually tailored to client needs. 



Our highly experienced management team offer training courses in the following:


Bar Code Technology:

  • Introduction to Bar Code Basics 

  • Bar Code Best Practice for manufacturers and printers

  • Complying with Retailers' requirements for bar code quality

  • Bar Code Verification 

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Commercial Training:

  • Pre Sales & Professional Services

  • Project Management

  • Quality Software Development

  • Customer Services 



We also offer our services to companies seeking consultancy in the introduction of bar code and other automatic identification systems into their operations. 

With decades of experience in the automatic identification industry we can 'fast track' your organisation by bringing our skills to you in-house. 

Project Management

We can offer short-term Project Management contractors on an ad-hoc basis to companies looking to make changes to their operations that require some project leadership and planning.


Please contact us for further discussions and information.

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