Bar Code Verification Consultancy and Audits

Bar Code quality is increasingly a concern for retailers, especially with the increase in automated warehouses and home shopping taking off and depending more upon non-human scanning. Penalties for suppliers who fail to provide bar codes that meet the requirements of the GS1 UK Guidelines can be substantial - fines, cost of returns and re-work, sometimes stock write-off costs, can easily outweigh the cost of implementing an effective, in-house Bar Code Quality Assurance System. 

As a GS1 UK Accredited Solution Partner, we can help ensure that you meet the requirements of the leading retailers by advising on the processes to put in place, the records to maintain and the action to take to make sure that you have the highest standards of performance as a retail supplier. 

‘Bar coding getting it right’ guidelines 


Bar Code Audits  

Ensure that you have complete confidence that the barcodes you produce will not be rejected by your customer or cause your own operations problems in your supply chain. As a nominated bar code auditor for the major UK retailers and with decades of experience in working with manufacturers in many varied vertical markets, we provide comprehensive and confidential on-site audits covering all aspects of your bar code production. If you are interested in receiving a bar code audit, contact us for more information


On-Site Bar Code Quality Training 

We can provide you with the benefit of our almost 30 years of experience in putting bar codes to work in many different industries and applications. We can provide comprehensive, on-site training covering all aspects of bar code quality and verification; Major Retailer requirements; International bar code standards; typical problems that occur; how to evaluate verification reports and take corrective action, etc.

Our training is tailored to your needs and to the participants - with different modules for QA staff and production personnel.

For more information about our training sessions, please contact us.

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